Stations of the Cross


Stations of the Cross Shrine is located in San Luis, Colorado, which is Colorado oldest town, and it is open year round.

San Luis is 40 miles southeast of Alamosa which is about a 50 minute drive.

San Luis is a very quaint town with the Stations of the Cross being the main focal point. As you drive into town you will see the sign for it.

Parking is across the street next to the visitor’s center.

The Shrine is located on a mesa in the center of the town. The Shrine is formally known as “La Mesa de la Piedad y de la Misericordia” (Hill of Piety and Mercy).


The dirt walking trail is less than a mile long and very easy. It slowly winds you up the mesa, passing the different sculptures as you go. You also follow the same trail back down the mesa.

Visiting this site is free but donations are welcome either at the church at the top or in the visitor’s center.

Plan on an at least an hour if all you plan to do is read each station and then move on. You can easily spend several hours if you take your time and pray at the stations. The speed at which you go is entirely up to you.

Please be mindful of other visitors by using hushed voices and not allowing your children to run around.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a series of bronze statues that depict the last hours of Christ’s life—his judgment, sufferings, and death.

Each station shows a different scene and is accompanied by a plaque with several Bible Scriptures. Each plaque also asks for special prayer requests, most are for the families that donated that station.

There are 15 stations in all with the last station being Christ’s resurrection.


Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Death


Station 2: Jesus Bears his Cross


Station 3: Jesus Falls the First Fime


Station 4: Jesus Meets his Mother, Mary


Station 5: Simon Helps Jesus Bear the Cross


Station 6: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus


Station 7: Jesus Falls the Second Time


Station 8: Jesus Consoles the Women of Jerusalem


Station 9: Jesus Falls the Third Time


Station 10: Jesus is Stripped of his Garments


Station 11: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross


Station 12: The Crucifixion


Station 13: Jesus is Placed in the Arms of his Mother


Station 14: The Burial of Jesus


Station 15: The Resurrection


Inside the Shrine at the top

Visiting the Stations is a very moving experience and I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting the area.

Shrine Sculptor


Huberto Maestas was the sculptor for all of the statues.

There is nothing passive about his pieces. His figures embrace drama and capture the spirit of form in motion.

By visualizing each sculpture before it is begun, he captures the essence of each piece. He couples his artistic vision with technical skill, seeing a piece through the “lost wax process” into a finished bronze.

Maestas received his formal art education at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado.

Special Note from the Stations of the Cross Shrine

The Shrine of the Stations of the Cross was built as an act of faith and love for the parishioners of the Sangre de Cristo Parish. We wanted a place of prayer and solace open to members of all faiths and good will. We hope that you will find consolation and peace in your life.

Additional Sights

At the top of the mesa, northwest of the Shrine is another memorial area.

This is called the Memorial to the Spanish Martyrs and has information about all the Spanish Priests that became martyrs throughout history in this area.

We did not walk this entire loop but feel free to explore this area as well.

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