Colorado Local People

I wanted to dedicate a section of to Colorado local people, especially those living in the San Luis Valley.

These people call the San Luis Valley home and enjoy living here.

There is a lot to be learned by visiting with people that know the area and can tell you the best places to fish or hunt or where to go to see the beautiful views.

With many families living in the San Luis Valley for multiple generations there is a world of knowledge to be shared.

I also thought it would be a unique way for you to get to know how friendly and welcoming the people of the San Luis Valley are.

When visiting a rural area it can often feel like time slows down. People do not seem to be in quite as big of hurry as in the city.

You will also often receive waves from people you don’t know as you drive through the country.

This is just part of life as everyone seems to know everyone in the San Luis Valley.

With such a diverse population of people living in the San Luis Valley, no two stories will be alike.

I hope you enjoy reading about the people of the San Luis Valley and why they love where they live!!

Have A Great Tip Or Advice For A First Time Valley Visitor?

Do you have an absolute, must see place to visit in the Valley? Why do you love living in the San Luis Valley? What keeps you here (family, work, love of the area)? We, along with all the visitors to would love to hear about your love for the area. From food to visiting the Sand Dunes to your favorite activity, guide us to the best!

Your Southern Colorado Guide From The Locals

Click below to see what Southern Colorado locals have said.

I'm a NATIVE Not rated yet
My parents were the gatekeepers of the Rio Grande (Farmers Union) Reservoir from 1952-1959. The house we lived on actually sat ON the dam. (Two rooms downstairs; …

Home sweet home Not rated yet
I was born and raised in Alamosa. I am a valley girl at heart. I have generations of family there and loads of great memories. Where else are you less …

I LOVE the San Luis Valley Not rated yet
Hi, my name is Sara and I live on the south side of Monte Vista. I am 11 and have lived here my whole life. I am a fifth grade student at Sargent …

Bistro Rialto, Alamosa's Best Restaurant Not rated yet
Hi, I’m Heather and I live in Monte Vista, Colorado. I am junior at Sargent High School and have lived in the San Luis Valley my entire life. First …

The Lifestyle Not rated yet
I moved to the San Luis Valley from a suburb of Chicago in the 1970's and fell in love with the west. I had a love for horses and began my career …

Sand Dunes or Creede?
That is the question.
 Not rated yet
My name is Lila, and I have lived in the San Luis Valley for a total of 35 years. I was born and raised in the Valley but left after college and returned …

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