by Zack

I went to the sand dunes twice in my life and they were both such amazing experiences, but the most exciting part about my trips to the sand dunes was how different each experience was.

The first time I went to the sand dunes it was a really hot day. I couldn't walk on the sand without shoes, but I was happy that there was a nice little stream that ran in front of the dunes that we were able to cool off in.

I had an awesome time, and an awesome workout trying to climb the sand dunes to the top... VERY FUN! I highly recommend that people go to the sand dunes on a hot day.

The second time I went to the sand dunes it was a cloud cover day and it had just rained.

At first I was unsure how much fun I would have there since it wasn't a hot and dry day like the first time, but I went anyway and was very pleasantly surprised.

The cloud cover made the sand nice and cool, so I was able to take my shoes and socks off and climb the sand dunes bare foot.

I made it to the top of the highest dune much easier because of the different consistency of the sand due to the recent rain.


We even busted out the sled, climbed some dunes, and sledded down going super fast!

The most fun part of sledding the sand dunes was that the wipe-outs didn't hurt because we would fall into a nice bed of sand... Very fun!

I highly recommend going to the sand dunes on a cloud cover day after the rain.

I also think everyone needs to sled the dunes at least once in their life!

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